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In everyones life, they inevitably have to contact a commercial roof replacement in middlesex county NJ. The reason behind this is that as houses age, the wood that is holding them together starts to rot, and this becomes most noticeable in the high stress areas of the home. What that means is the places that support the most weight tend to crumble first, and if you live in a country where snow is common then you see that the roof ends up supporting the most weight as that snow and ice gets really heavy really quickly. Read more →

To Get the Best You Have to Travel Sometimes

When remodeling a bathroom, nothings really more important than the appearance. I mean if you weren’t going for the asthetics you wouldn’t be redoing your bathroom at all. Luckily the people that make bathroom equipment understand that, and try to make the most decorative pieces that they can. But they do not offer every piece in every area, you sometimes have to travel to get the best of the best. For example, the shower doors in essex county NJ are some of the best available on the market. They are both stylish and surprisingly affordable. So if you’re redoing your bathroom and you really want to go all out on it then this is kindof the place that you want to go for your shower door. Read more →

The Great Things About Hiring Top Plumbing Repair in Bergen County NJ

If you are having problems with clogged drains in your New Jersey home, you should really call Century 21 HVAC plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ. It’s really hard to know what causes clogged drains, but one thing’s for sure: When your drain is clogged, it’s a real problem. You may end up waiting for hours for your tub to drain (if it does at all) or having to plunge your toilet several times a day. All this can be really annoying, not to mention unsanitary.

If you have a drain that just gets clogged over and over, you should call in a pro. You’d be amazed at the things a truly professional plumber can do these days to locate clogs and get rid of them.

Century 21 HVAC starts out with an inspection that involves taking video of your drain. They send a camera through your sewer lines and pipes to see the condition of the lines and pipes and to find the leak. It’s kind of like a laprascope that a doctor uses. It’s a really small camera on a long wire.

When they do this, they can find the clog right away and go right to work instead of having to dig up your yard and crawl around under the house for hours (as many plumbers do). They just find the clog, select the right tools and get to work.

One of the best and most impressive tools they have is a hydro jetting set. This is like a water gun with really high pressure. The plumber just shoots pressurized water down the drain and blows all the clogs out the other end. It’s fast, and you end up with a totally cleaned drain so they don’t just get rid of your current problem, they also help you avoid problems in the future.

Peace of Mind and Clean Dishes

There I was standing in the middle of my kitchen looking at a tower of dishes stacked so high that it seemed only to be held together by will alone – the will of the mold that had finally begun to creep through the remains of various dinners, lunches and waffle-laden breakfasts. It was utterly disgusting and for a moment I was completely ashamed of myself for allowing it to grow into such a problem. I knew that I couldn’t clean this place alone so I hired a house cleaner in Westchester County NY to do what I couldn’t bring myself to do.

Without their help I would have never been able to get this place clean again. When you’re a busy student working an internship there is almost never any time to clean or do much of anything but work, work and more work. With my Mastery’s program in full swing I was generally spending all of my time grading papers from the class I was teaching and doing homework from my own classes. Read more →

Working on the Final Details Now

We really thought that we would be in the house by now, but obviously we were more than a little naive and there was a lot more to it than we realized at first. We are just now working on the final details and we hope that we are going to be moving our stuff in the place by the start of the month. I had to go get home insurance quotes for one thing. I did not realize that they made you get it before they give you the loan on the house. It is not for your sake in fact, but because they want to be sure that you have the means to repay them no matter what. Read more →

So is This Thing Stupid or Cool?

I had to ask myself that question this morning. I was sitting at my desk and the guy beside me showed me an ad for something called a selfie stick iphone. He was talking about getting it as a gag gift for his brother in law. Apparently he is both an Apple fan boy and one of those people who are constantly taking selfies and then emailing them to hundreds of people. I know a couple of these sorts of people and it really makes me wonder if they really think that they are that interesting. When I sit down to a plate of ham and eggs at Denny’s I never think that I should take a picture of myself and my food and then email it to all of the people in my address book. Read more →

Domke F-3X review + loaded photos

A number Incredible f Snapshots

  1. Domke F-3X review + loaded photos
    Image by bgolub
    The Domke F-3X is my new favorite bag. Thanks Megen for the birthday present!

    Some but not much. This isn’t a bag for transporting your gear long distances (although I’ve taken it all around the world and never had any issues). It’s a bag for shooting from. The bottom is padded but the sides are just canvas. In the top left photo you can see the one insert the bag comes with; it attaches to velcro on the 2 sewn in pieces of canvas that make the side compartments. The canvas actually does a good job to protect the camera. Better than I thought it would. I cannot feel the lenses or camera bounce against me as I carry the bag.

    This is a very easy to use, comfortable bag. The canvas material wears well and the whole bag molds to your hip. It looks much smaller than my Crumpler 6 million dollar home but holds more. The strap has rubber woven in to provide a nice grip that won’t move around. Loaded with 3 lenses and an FX body it got a bit heavy but I rarely take my 70-300mm with me. With just the D700, 16-35mm, and 50mm it feels perfect.

    It still looks like a camera bag to me; but less so than a Lowepro or even a Crumpler do. I like the green color but you can also get it in a traditional black. It molds to your hip so it looks smaller than what it’s capable of holding.

    The side pockets would be great for holding a flash. I use one to hold a rocket blower at the moment. The canvas pieces in the main compartment aren’t sewn to the bottom so they can collapse like in the lower left photo. My only wish is that the velcro came with a "muter" that some newer bags often have and that they used a plastic clip instead of a clumsy metal one that is difficult to use with one hand.


    Update: This bag made it through MOMA without a docent asking me to leave it at the coat check. The Crumpler 6 million dollar home, also a great bag, always needed be to checked.

    Hover over the photo to see notes on what each piece of gear is to get an idea of how much it holds in different configurations

  2. 70s Nikons: Nikomat with 50mm f/1.4 lens
    Image by Chris Devers
    These cameras belonged to my parents before I was born, when my dad was stationed in the army in Germany. There, they bought the Nikkormat (all manual) and the slightly newer Nikomat (auto-shutter, manual aperture). By the time I was given the cameras to learn on in the late 90s, they were around 35 years old.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Really, this is all the controls any camera ever needs. Right? Right.

    If you want to make some or all of this automatic, fine, but at least make the fundamental controls — shutter release, aperture (f/stop), exposure time (in 1/n second notation), and ISO sensitivity — super prominent and easy to manipulate.

    The D50 doesn’t really get this right, but then most of the cameras I’ve played with don’t either. It’s not too bad to hold for one of these settings — set the dial to "M" (full-manual), "A" (lock aperture), "S" (lock shutter speed), or "P" (err, I’ve never fully grasped this one, seems to let you manipulate the focus locking I think), then spin a dial to select the aperture or shutter you want.

    But I find the D50’s full manual mode too fiddly to bother with, so I never use it. And the canned program modes — "portrait", "landscape", "kids", "sports", "plants/macro" — seem too gimmicky. If you know what adjusting the fundamental controls will do, and really it’s not that complicated, then it’s easy enough to do it manually, provided that the controls are easy to manipulate.

    I guess that’s what I miss: the tactile feedback of these controls. Rather than having to look at an LED panel on top while spinning a thumbwheel, you can keep your eye through the viewfinder while adjusting rings right on the lens barrel to access the controls. On this one, the only viewfinder feedback you’d get would be a simple "over/under exposed" level on the side, along with a focus ring in the middle; with the Nikkormat it would display the aperture (and I think exposure time) as well, which is even better.

    Short version: mechanical rings good, software controls & too many options bad.

    All that said, I can’t see ever shooting film again, so as nice as these were, I think they have a permanent place gathering dust in the closet now. Poor things.

  3. Olympus E-3 with a Zuiko 90-250mm f/2.8 and EC-20 2x Teleconverter
    Image by Bryce Bradford
    That is a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L in the background about 2 feet from the E-3.


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  1. wedding
    Image by lazy fri13th

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  2. wedding
    Image by lazy fri13th

Girls Who Code

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Hinge Knee Brace

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Narconon Arrowhead Debuts Float at Checotah and Eufaula Christmas Parades

The 2014 theme for the Narconon Arrowhead parade float is Happy Sober Holidays in Oklahoma, and this holiday season it shared its message of help and hope with local community parade attendees. Canadian, OK (PRWEB) December 19, 2014 Eufaula, Oklahoma, located just 9 miles from Narconon Arrowhead, is home to Lake Eufaula, the states largest lake with more than 600 miles of shoreline. This lovely lakeside town is home to a little more than 3,000 residents, hosted its annual old-fashioned holiday parade at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, the 6th of December. Featuring Santa, Christmas lights and parade floats, it made its way through downtown Eufaula on Main Street. Narconon Arrowheads parade float participated in this holiday celebration with its neighboring community, sharing its drug-free message of having Happy Sober Holidays with attendees all along its route. Contributions from Clickbank dealing with Bet365 -Bet365 The small local community of Keep On Analyzing


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  1. Spinach
    Image by DeSegura89
    Spinach, similar to other dark green veggies, contains beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that works to fight heart disease and cancer. Raw spinach is also a good source of vitamin C.

Montclair State Professors Research Concludes That Birds Lost Their Teeth More Than 100 Million Years Ago

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Browse this – Everything You Want To Know About The IPad

The iPad has a downloadable manual for those that want to know all of the information Apple has to provide. Apple, following a minimalist approach, don't include a user manual with their iPad.There is no hard-copy manual for iPad, but if you want one, you can download it and print it. Apple doesn't want to kill trees so they encourage the download option instead.With your new iPad information tucked away beneath your cap, you can take full-advantage of this amazing gadget. The more you learn, the more you will see that the possibilities are endless. You will see it is extremely useful and well worth its price.Since an iPad is a significant investment, it is wise to provide proper care for it. Quite a few people find that screen protectors work well with their iPads. This is a simple plastic cover that offers protection to the screen. Use a soft microfiber cloth when cleaning your iPad screen. Don't use any special cleaners while cleaning your tablet. You can't Keep On Analyzing


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Beauty Tips To Help You Get Gorgeous

If you choose to put on lip liner, it is essential that you select a color that mirrors your lipstick as much as possible. Colors that are too dark or too light will stand out instead of blending in, leaving harsh, unnatural lines.Before going to bed, spread some Vaseline over your eyebrows. This will add shine to your eyebrows, and make them look better. Be careful you don't get Vaseline anywhere else on your face, because it can lead to unwelcome breakouts of pimples. The follicles being open from either process will cause you some problems. Your skin might itch like mad. In the hours after waxing or sugaring, you should stay away from skin care products that contain fragrances. Fragrance can irritate your skin and cause extreme discomfort.Drink enough water daily to naturally clear up your skin without needing to spend money on products. Water naturally cleans contaminants from your body, and drinking ample amounts of it can help you gain clearer, acne-free Keep On Analyzing

Bill Cosby

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The Waterboys

The Waterboys Event on 2015-10-27 20:00:00 Tickets go On Sale on Thursday 4 December at 9amPeople should expect the unexpected from The Waterboys, says Mike Scott. Its a mission statement which has inspired three decades of compelling musical shape-shifting, and one which yields thrilling results on The Waterboys eleventh album, Modern Blues, released in January 2015.A freewheeling rock and roll record with a southern soul edge, Modern Blues was recorded in Nashville by a line-up including Muscle Shoals legend David Hood on bass, Austin guitarslinger Zach Ernst, and Memphis keyboard wizard Brother Paul, all of whom play in the 2015 touring line-up of the band. They join Mike Scott, Irish electric fiddle great Steve Wickham and ace drummer Ralph Salmins at a time when the relevance and popular reach of The Waterboys has never been greater.In 2013 Ellie Goulding scored a top 3 UK hit with their How Long Will I Love You and in 2014 Prince performed The Whole Keep On Analyzing

Finding The Best Fit In A Home Owner’s Insurance Policy

Be sure to take the time to research the company that you are considering getting your homeowners insurance through. You are going to want to be sure that there are not several complaints about payout times and denials of claims. If the company takes a long time to pay out or rejects claims, you may find it in your best interest to keep looking. To help you buy the best homeowner's insurance, make sure you are certain of what exactly your insurance covers and what it does not. Most typical homeowner's insurance plans do not have coverage for events such as floods or earthquakes so you will need to apply for additional coverage to be insured against these events. Keep your insurance agent aware of any remodeling changes you make to your home. In case of a fire or other tragedy, you may be lacking in coverage to replace new carpeting, furniture, cabinets, flooring, appliance and pricey personal items. Your agent should offer to do a walk-thru of your home and make Keep On Analyzing

NYE Yacht Party 2015 Fort Lauderdale

NYE Yacht Party 2015 Fort Lauderdale Event on 2014-12-31 21:30:00 The 8th Annual New Years Eve 2015 Yacht Party Its the 8th annual for a reasonThe Details: We are going to welcome in 2015 on a Yacht. This is South Florida, there are more yachts per square mile here than anywhere else in the world. The yacht is huge, three large decks with multiple bars. There will be a DJ spinning 80s music on the inside second deck, and there will be a second DJ spinning EDM house music on the 2nd level open top deck. There will be a professional photographer documenting the entire night so dont worry about bringing your camera. We have a chef making finger foods all night. It is all inclusive, all you can drink and eat. The yacht leaves out of the inter-coastal inFt. Lauderdale from the GALLERYone- A DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel, New Years Eve and there is plenty of parking. Arrive at 9:00 to ensure parking and time to make your way to the dock. Boarding will begin Keep On Analyzing
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